Saturday, 22 December 2018

No Rocket today, oh pooy!

Our rocket launch app on the iPhone said that the rocket we have been waiting to see is a go for 9:21 this morning so everyone gathered in the courtyard for the 4th time to witness the launch.  About 9:15 the app gave us the message that the launch had been scrubbed again because of crazy winds in the upper atmosphere.  As it turned out at 9:21 there was a big old cloud floated over us and we would not have seen the launch anyway if it was on schedule.   The reschedule time is 8:51 tomorrow morning so we will all meet again then to see it.

So once again we had the day to catch up on our chores.  I hung with Harold while he worked on a project on Miss Daisy and then headed home to get busy on mine.  Today I want to change both of my fuel filters again because we are still getting some sediment from the algae growth we had in our tank.  I only changed the secondary filter the last time and this time I want to do both the primary and secondary filters.  So I gathered all my supplies and off to work I went.  

After I changed them out I took a picture of them and this is what they looked like after 500 miles of driving.  You can see all the black in there.  That is algae remains.

The red in the secondary filter is because I started the MH after changing the primary and I use Automatic Transmission Fluid to prime the filters.  There is still black in both filters.

After that I made a coffee and headed over to the courtyard just in time to see John cleaning his composting toilet.  Everyone swears by them and I agree they have their place, but I can't quite see me wiping poo out of the toilet as a regular maintenance item.  The boys will have to do a lot of convincing to get me on board.  They must be good because there are at least 7 rigs here that use them.  And just a plug for Brian Boone cause he sells them on his web site and of all the people who need one, he is the king!!

John gave a little demo on how to clean up poo from a composter.  The brown you see is peat moss not poo by the way.  But what is on his rag is poo I think.

And John says it smells like a rose.  I'm not sure I can buy that!!

He had to hurry and get it all cleaned up and replaced in the MH cause nature was calling and he was gonna christen the freshly cleaned commode.

We enjoyed a lot of good stories by the campfire tonight with all of our new found friends.  Every day more come along and Brian and Ellen were the newbies tonight.  Good to meet them.


  1. Hahaha.....I think I'll pass on the comments tonight but oh they do call a person. Nice view of the campfire tonight Lorne.

  2. Just catching up. Happy to hear the tornadoes missed you. I figure they may have been close. Looks like some clear and warmer weather coming for all of us in Florida.
    Not convinced compost toilets are the way to go, but I'll keep and open mind (and my ears and nose!)

  3. Reminds me of our 2007/2008 trip to Florida, there was a shuttle launch scheduled for late November, early December as I recall and having never seen one we thought it was a good opportunity. Like you rocket this one was delayed time and time again. We hung in there and eventually about the 1st of February they blasted off. Well worth the wait we thought.

  4. I'd steer clear of the compost toilets if I was you....blech


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