Tuesday 1 January 2019

Let me tell you about Three Lakes WMA Florida

I thought today I would tell you a little about where we are staying.  First of all to everyone that says you can't find any cheap places to hang out in Florida....."Hold My Beer".   There are lots of spots if you do a little research.  We probably could find a half dozen spots within an hour of Disney World.

We don't consider ourselves really cheap but we do take pride in finding beautiful free or low cost places to spend the winter.  Our total camping cost from October 31 to today has been $27.00.  Not per day, nor per month, but $27.00 total!!!!  And we have stayed in some of the prettiest places with a lot of really great people.  Sue and I don't really like to be totally by ourselves, but we don't want people breathing down our necks in a campground either, so these places seem to lend themselves to people who are looking for what we are looking for.  Some peace and quiet and a bit of companionship.  We plan to stay here for another month or so before starting our migration to Texas. So I will tell you a little bit about Florida Wildlife Management Areas.  Your have to purchase an annual permit at Walmart of all places for $27.00.  This allows you to access the Management areas, A lot of them have a large gathering area at the entrance which is used for camping.  It is there to accommodate hunters, but anyone can camp there.  The only time you can't camp there is if there is no hunting season for turkeys, deer, wild hogs etc.  March has a couple weeks when there is no season so it is closed then.  Other than that we are good to stay all winter.  
The Three Lakes Wildlife Management Area is the second largest remaining expanse of dry prairie in the United States. It is located approximately 70 miles (110 km) south of the Kissimmee - Disney World area of Central Florida. The management area is situated near Lake Kissimmee, Lake Jackson and Lake Marian. It comprises 62,000 acres (25,000 ha) including parts of the Kissimmee Prairie. The area is open for recreational uses including hunting, fishing, hiking, and birding.  The area's wildlife includes deer, bobcat, mottled duck, and wild turkey. The management area is also a year-round habitat for the bald eagle.

This is certainly an area that we will visit again when we come back to Florida.  Where we are camped is about 30 miles from Disney World or 45 minutes from the ocean.  If you want to go to the Gulf side it is about a 2 hour drive.  We are loving it here.


  1. Just catching up again.
    Glad you had a wonderful New Years as well as time at Disney Springs with Friends.
    When I mentioned where you were as soon as Kathy found out there was hunting there she Nixed the idea. After listening to me read this post she might just have a change of mind.
    If you are heading west bring some of that warmth with you because it has been lacking so far this year. As the your friend Shelley has attested toward.
    Looking forward to more of your adventures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. There isn't much hunting close to where we are. Its only the entrance to the hunting area.. They drive a long way into the woods to hunt. We have heard one gun shot since we got here 3 weeks ago.

  2. Definitely sounds like a great place to stay and one we will check out the next time we are in Florida.

  3. Although we don't own an RV, it sure is nice for you to give out these little nuggets of info for others :)


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