Thursday 3 January 2019

A Drive in Three Lakes WMA

Since we have arrived here I have always been curious what there is if you followed the hunt trail that starts here.  So today was the day to explore.  It was a hot day so the coolest place to be was in the Jeep with the AC on.  So Laurence and her dog Paul loaded up and came with us as well.  The road was narrow but very interesting.

Lots of little creeks running towards the lake.  We stopped at all of them to check for alligators but we didn't see any.

Apparently this whole area used to be a free range ranch at one time.  I bet there were lots of cowboys riding through here at one time. In one spot there was a little campsite area that reminded me a lot of a wild west stop.  I could picture some wild cowboy stopping here for  some vittles and a sleep under the trees.

Down the road a few miles we came to the boat launch at a pretty lake.  I believe it is Lake Jackson.  It was as quiet as can be and there was only one truck with a boat trailer and a Travel trailer parked back in the bush.  The water was like glass with lots of birds hanging around and lots of water plants floating in the water.

It was pretty around here with some nice palm trees for cover.  It reminded me of something you would see in the outback in Mexico.

The other day I wrote about how they were picking oranges in the groves just south of where we are staying.  Well one of the questions I asked Willie the foreman was what happens to the oranges that don't look so good.  He said that orange juice doesn't know what colour the rind was.  So I picked an orange that didn't look so good just to find out.  Here was the orange I picked.

So today I decided to try it out.  I fully expected to have to throw it in the garbage because it would be rotten.  Wrong!  It was the tastiest, sweetest orange I had ever tasted.  So the next time you have orange juice remember that it is not always the bright yellow ones that are in your glass.

Here was the view out our window tonight:


  1. No settlers circling their covered wagons? Just cowboys? Hahaha
    Love the trip, glad you shared it with us. I think it looked very inviting.
    With a nice juicy orange like that if you had taken one or two sections and squeezed it on some veggies before cooking them on the BBQ in foil, the taste would be amazing.
    Nice view, big circle of chairs. Looks like a fun meeting place.

  2. Another fun day and nothing like the fresh oranges you can find there.

  3. I love the line about oranges and orange juice!


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