Monday 7 January 2019

Odd Job Squad

We have settled in here to the point where we are getting into a day by day work list.  We are saving our tour time to when we start our trek over to Texas.  Thats when we will stop at the museums and interesting stuff but for now its time to do chores.  First I climbed up on Harold's roof where he is busy changing out his fantastic fan.  Now that got my mind thinking and guess what?  I am going to install one in our bedroom instead of putting in a ceiling fan.  Think it might work?

Next project happening around here is the seatbelt that doesn't retract in Laurence's motorhome.  She was wondering where to get it fixed and I suggested she just swap with the passenger seat because no one sits in it when she is driving anyway.  So I changed it over for her and it will work fine.

Now you wonder how we come up with so many projects?  Here's how it all happens.  Notice the committee that has formed to come up with work for us guys?   Little wonder we are busy.

My project for the day was to install our new Weboost antenna.  We bought one that has some extensions on it and I am mounting it to the existing TV antenna.

When we move it will fold down with the antenna into the transport position.

We are wired for sound now!!!  We get facebook messages before you even write them now!!  Careful what you are thinking!!!

We know that Christmas if now officially over because Deb gathered up her nativity scene that she made with pine cones and pine needs and threw it in the fire.

Close to dark I looked outside and this is what I saw out my window.  Guess its time for happy hour.


  1. Quick, what was I thinking? LOL Chuck needs to get on our roof and take a look at the antennae. It didn't go down all the way the last time we used it. Miss you guys. See you in Texas.

  2. You really should scan your messages, especially from me. LOL.
    I have been debating about that same web boost antenna and attaching it the same way. Did you just use the co-ax cable for the connection between the boost antenna and the tv antenna? We have a small antenna now but I want the trucker antenna, I think it will pick up a lot more, maybe not quite as much as yours but more than I currently get.
    I think the fantastic fan in the bedroom is also a good idea. Let me know how it works as I've also been thinking about that myself. I think a ceiling fan would draw a lot more power but then again it might last longer too.
    Looks as if we have a similar list of 'to do' things. I know who's making my list so I'm guessing Lorne's wife had a bit to do with the list making. LOL

    1. I used zip ties to hold it to one leg of the TV antenna. We are not convinced that it makes a whole lot of difference being up higher.

  3. Sorry forgot the picture of the committee. I've updated the blog with it.


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