Wednesday 23 January 2019

The Escapees are camped next to us!!

This morning we had happy hour on our porch and everyone came with their coffee's.  One of the new guys, Tom, came over to join us.  He is an Escapee like we are (if our membership hasn't run out) so we all got talking Escapee stuff.  He is a friend of our good friend Kyra, so there were a few stories going around.  I think they will fit right in here.

I said in yesterdays post that P & H and the kids have moved into a resort in Orlando for a few days.  They have survived the flu bug which they got over quickly and are now enjoying the resort so they invited us to join them for the afternoon.  So off we went to the Fantasy World Resort.  It is a nice place and done in a bit of a Mexican theme with lots of colours. Very nice.

We chatted for a bit with Tanner and Kaitlyn.  Their trip is quickly coming to an end and they will be flying back home tomorrow.

We donned our bathing suits and headed down to the pool area.  Most of these pictures are from the web site as they are nice ones.

We spent some time floating on the lazy river.  This was nice because the water was heated so it was very comfortable to just sit in.

It was a great day and we headed home well after dark, so our view out the window is from the morning coffee gathering!


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