Thursday 24 January 2019

Need a Boost?

One of the things that is interesting of Facebook is the Memories thingy.  Every day it brings up something from the past for you to see.  Today was a picture of me from our trip to Mexico back in 2015.  I had just had my ICD (Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator) put in my chest and I wanted to get a tattoo of a pair of jumper cables on it.  So a vendor on the beach gave me a henna tattoo so I could try it out.  This is what it looked like.  He put it right around the scar where it was implanted.   I still have not got a real tattoo yet, but maybe this memory will spur me on to get at it.  Sorry you have to endure looking at my chest again!!!

While we were sitting around the Ponderosa, there was quite a commotion out the window.  A semi truck had decided to pull in and couldn't make the corner.  I guess that tells you a bit about us RV drivers, because there are about 40 of us here and no one else even came close to breaking off the gate post.  He ran right over a culvert and knocked the corner post and boards off the fence.  And these guys are out there on the highway!!!

After all the commotion died down, we loaded up and headed into Kissimmee for supper at a Pizza joint there called the Broadway Pizza Bar.

They put us in the wine room to eat which may or may not of been a good choice on their part.  LOL
We were the first ones to arrive and had rode with P & H so we got the prime chairs.

We were soon joined by our old and new friends.   It was a great evening out for all of us. I don't think I have ever got a good picture of Brian. 

Rodger, Karen, Harold, Pat Brian and Sue (hiding)
Deb at the head of the table, Jerry, John, Val, Sue, Me, Mel, Odelle.
And of course the class clown at the other end of the table, Laura who actually took the last two pictures!!!  She will be leaving us tomorrow for greener pastures or an Elks parking lot somewhere. lol

Laura taking the pictures of supper table.

When you have been parked in the same spot for almost 2 months, new views out the window get a bit challenging. Thanks to the bad truck driver today, I can show you the view out our side window as he left the area today.  Goodbye and we hope you don't run over anyone out there!!!


  1. Haha, needed floaties to get out of the Elks Lodge after last night. Found a great spot in the casino tonight, still trying to see St Bernard de Clairvaux tomorrow, turns out it was closed today. Then after that, the Tamiami, and somewhere along the Gulf. This RV lifestyle certainly keeps things entertaining, does it! LOL!

  2. And I can't seem to post any pictures, bummer!


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