Friday 18 January 2019

Someone call the Fire Truck!

Last night Pat and Harold's daughter Kaitlyn and her husband Tanner and their cute little girl Ava arrived in Florida from Manitoba.  They flew into Orlando and P & H picked them up there. They didn't get back to Three Lakes until after I was tucked up in bed so I had to wait till this morning to say hello.   Little Ava sure has grown since we saw her in October.  They are ready to enjoy some Florida sun.

Pat, Kaitlyn, Ava, and Tanner and of course Charlie
This is why they are escaping beautiful Manitoba for a while.  Wow that is cold.

One of our new acquisitions is the Instant-pot.  Sue bought a 3 quart one the other day and has been doing eggs and stuff in it to try it out.  Today she threw in some frozen pork chops and God only knows what else for veggies and started it up.  Now I don't know a lot about cooking, but I was just a little concerned for my supper when I saw this message come up.  The darn thing doesn't cook any better than I do!!!

After the smoke cleared and the thing cooked for about a half hour, out came some of the most delicious pork chops with broccoli and potatoes in a mushroom gravy.  MMMMMM good.  These things are amazing.  And because the sun was shining our batteries were still 100% charged when it was done.

Later in the evening we all enjoyed a bonfire again.  We always have some good conversations, (and sometimes not so good ones) around the bonfire.    We are absolutely loving it here but we know that it won't be long and it will be time to move on.  My how time flies when your having a good time.

This was my view out the window as I went in for the night.  A few stragglers left enjoying the almost full moon light.


  1. That is a cute baby there. I love my instant pot. Eggs in it are amazing. In fact that reminds me, I should throw in that roast I have in the freezer.

  2. That’s awesome they could come down. Right now in rivers mb with windchill it is -41c. Nothing like a good bonfire. I really want to try an instant pot. Sue will have to show me the ropes when you guys get back.

  3. Cute little girl!!! I've heard wonderful things about the instant pots but don't have one. We use a small crock pot on sunny days to do soups, stews, chili, etc.

  4. Crock pots are good too. Slow simmer. Instant pots are high power for short time. So far we love it.

  5. How nice that Kaitlyn, Tanner and Ava can visit and get away from that bitter cold in Manitoba! Even in our neck of the woods (called Southwestern/midwestern Ontario) they are experiencing -21C this morning.
    I am torn about Instant Pots mainly because I have the crock pot, rice cooker, electric fry pan and air fryer that all use electric power..........I have only heard good things about them. Glad the smoke cleared and you had a delicious supper!


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