Friday 11 January 2019

More Power!

The two additional batteries that I bought the other day seem to be working out really well.  Instead of starting to run low on power if we watch TV until midnight, we now have lots left over. Even with only 4 solar panels, our 6 batteries are generally full by noon if the sun is shining.  So today I had to permanently mount them which meant removing the old metal tray and replacing it with a simple plywood shelf.
Old Tray
My poor old batteries are right behind the rear dual wheels and they are subject to all the road grime as we travel.  Because of all the water that gets thrown up there, there is generally a lot of corrosion as well.

So I washed them all up and put in a piece of plywood and wired up all 6 batteries.  Nice to have that job done.  The two batteries on the top shelf are the starting batteries for the Ponderosa.

After all our activity today we were invited to join the Elks in our group at their club house for supper.  Here is a picture of the two Donald's ha ha and Brian that just initiated into the club.

Thanks for inviting us and the food and company were awesome.

Our view today out our window.


  1. Wow you have a lot of batteries. I didn't know that batteries could go so tightly to each other. Mine have been installed in an individual box and with space around them. I like your set up much better. I could add two more with no issues.
    Looks like a great time with your friends. Glad you are enjoying your time there.

  2. Looks like that tray was ready to be replaced. Nicely done!

  3. The Elks sure has some great food on Friday night. Looks like some good company you have there! Great job with the batteries!


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