Monday 28 January 2019

Disney with Family

This entire week was spent at Disney with our Daughter Kaitlyn and her husband Greg along with our grandchildren, Grace and Max.  They will not be arriving until after midnight so Sue and I headed in to Fort Wilderness Campground to get set up.  While I was walking around I was thinking how I like the fact that the Ponderosa has the ability to sit right down on the ground.  Lots of other units are way up in the air and that just adds steps that you have to go up.

Anyway enough of that.  We got all loaded up headed down the road.  Charlie loves to do the navigation.

It wasn't long and we saw some signs that made us think that we were in the right area.

We got all parked up in a nice spot and got the awning out and the mat in position.  Good to go!!

One of the things that I had to figure out again, was all of the hookup things.  I took some pictures to prove that we do full hook ups once in a while.

Because I was so efficient and got all my chores done, Sue and I headed out to the campfire and then a boat ride.

We were lucky and saw the fireworks from Magic Kingdom from the boat.  We didn't plan it that way but sometimes you get lucky.

So we are all ready for the kids!!  Their plane is on time.  This was the view from our window today!!


  1. What fun! And wow your unit really does get low to the ground :-)

  2. Oops I posted that last comment to fast ... how far in advance did you have to book your RV site?


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