Wednesday 16 January 2019

Mouse in the House

The past few days we have been hearing a lot of scurrying and chewing going on in the Ponderosa.  We are not surprised because where we are parked there is a lot of longer grass and we are actually out in the woods.  So I decided it was time to start a trap line.  I got a trap all slathered up with peanut butter and set in the cupboard where the little varmint was last heard.  It didn't take long before "snap"! and we had one.  The poor wee thing even hanged itself to boot.

 Pat and Harold were joining us today on a trip over to Tampa to the Florida RV Show.  It is at the State Fair grounds and is supposed to be one the best in the country.
Before we left Kissimmee we had to drop P & H's car off at Cracker Barrel for a sleepover because we don't want to take 2 cars to Tampa.   Seeing as we were there we had breakfast.  How convenient was that?  It was like it was planned. lol

We put a lot of steps on our pedometers today checking out everything.  There was some entertainment on a lot of corners.  Everything from Hoe Down Bands, Pirate Bands,
to Pipe Bands and guys on stilts.

There were some dogs there raising money for Canine Cancer, and this guy would hold this sign in his mouth forever.  It sure got a lot of attention and money from people passing by.  His buddy was taking a break when I took this picture.  They never once tried to get down off the pedestals they were on.

There were so many RV's there that it was a bit overwhelming.  One thing we noticed was that the supplier part of the show was mainly different campgrounds promoting themselves so that was not very interesting to us.   And all of the RV's were new so that didn't interest us a lot either.  The Quartzsite show is definitely a better one for us.

I always love the Prevost's just because they are way out of my league.  They had about 8 of them there and the average price was 2.5 million dollars.  You had to take your shoes off to even go inside, and one of them was so popular that you had to have and appointment to go inside it.  They all had ramps up to the front window in case you didn't want to go inside.

Pat and Harold sat outside of one just to see what it would feel like.  They felt the cash draining out of their pockets as they sat there.  The finance guy told us that we could finance it and the payments would only be around $20,000 per month.

We decided that after all of the calorie burning exercise today we could go to the Human Feedlot for supper.  (Golden Corral).   We spotted this guy who appeared to have had a more active day than us.  He was fast asleep the whole time we were there and no one came to move him along.  At least he ate all his food which is more than I can say for a lot of the people at these places.

We all called it a day early tonight and went back to the hotel.  We have decided that we will not go back to the RV show again tomorrow.  It just has nothing that we need to see.  This was the view of our room tonight.  We all shared our snores quite nicely for the night.


  1. I hope that was the only mouse you had. I don't think the rv show would have interested us either but at least you can say you went once.

  2. Are you sure the guy was just asleep?
    Hopefully the trap line caught all the critters.
    Wow, some pretty spiffy rigs. I think I could see the dollars dropping from Harold and Pat as they sat there.
    Nice room.

  3. Those are all some beautiful RV's! Maybe one day I'll walk in your footsteps and venture that way myself once retired.


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