Friday 25 January 2019

Silas is 4!!!

Today is our Grandson Sila's 4th birthday!  He is getting sooo big so fast.  He has a wonderful soul and I think will have his dads sense of humour.  The grin on his face gives you some indication what he is like.  Hope he has a wonderful Birthday and we look forward to seeing him with ice cream on his face in May when we get CJ's open for business again. Love you bud!!!

This morning another member of our happy gang is moving on.  Laura is heading south on her trip around the south and gulf side of Florida.  We had coffee on the other side of the Ponderosa because the wind was blowing on the other side and the air was cool.  Deb came by to show how cold she was when she was walking Ciera!

After coffee Laura headed back to the Yacht with Miss Sara Jane and Bean her dogs to tear down ready to leave.

It wasn't long and she turned around and headed by us on her way out.

We all lined up and gave her the Elks salute, even if some of us are not Elks.

So away she went!  Safe travels Laura, and we hope our paths cross again not too far down the road.

Pat and Sue spent the rest of the day power shopping in Orlando with a quick stop for nourishment at Krispy Creme.  They had to wear the hats to make it authentic.

I had to stay home and work today.  I will not get much time to work next week, with our daughter Kaitlyn and Greg and Grace and Max coming.  The sun was warm shining in the window and I can see everything that is happening around from my perch.  

When work was over and the girls were home, we all enjoyed a bonfire with all of our friends again.

The view out our window at coffee time this morning.  Lots of plans are made at these happy hours.

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