Tuesday 29 January 2019

They are here!

The kids arrived late last night.  It was almost 2 when we got to bed so today was just a lazy day.  We did some swimming and some other fun things around Fort Wilderness.

Most of the day was just being lazy.

We did a little bit of everything in the afternoon.  Grace loves all the forms of transportation that are at our disposal so we did a little of everything.  We decided to rent a golf cart for the day so it was a handy form of transportation around the campsite.

For a longer trip we went for a bus ride on the "Yellow Bus".

Then Max got a little ride in the stroller from the bus to the boat dock.  What a happy little guy he is.

And then a ride on the boat to check out all the resorts close by.

Then when we got back we went to the swimming pool.  Grace and I headed over to get a head start.

Dad did a lot of swimming with Grace in the pool.  It was a bit cool outside but the pool was heated.

We got all dried off and dressed up for the bonfire and sing a long.  Grace got her Minnie Mouse ears on for the occasion.

It is free entertainment for the kids and Chip and Dale show up for pictures.  They do lots of kids songs with lots of fun dancing.

It was a fun family day and we all went to bed exhausted.  We did take in the fireworks from the beach but I don't need any more fireworks pictures.  This was the view out our window today:

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