Tuesday 15 January 2019

Cool day but Blood was going to Boil

It was a cool day in Florida.  When I listened to the radio on my way into St Cloud at 10 this morning they were talking about how everyone should dress for the winter weather we are having.  I guess I didn't get the memo because I was wearing shorts and a tee shirt and I was not cold.  Everyone I saw on the street had on a coat and some were wearing touques.  The word winter tends to stir a thought of something waaaaaay colder than what it is today.  Check out these temperatures back home.

Today I went to town to do a bunch of chores.  First stop was the laundry. Nice place with credit card pay on everything.  Sure beats chasing quarters.  Ironically it is named Coin Laundry.  Clothes in the washer and timer set for 25 minutes.

Just enough time to grab a car wash across the street.  Even did a vacuum as well.   $10.00 total.  This was one where they have coloured lights in the was that shine on the soap and makes for a great light show.

Then back to the laundry to change the clothes to the dryer and timer set for 30 minutes.  Off to Tire Kingdom to get my tire fixed.  Remember the other day how we had a valve stem break off.  Well it was time to fix it today.  The young gentleman told me that they would have to replace the TPMS and it would cost about 150 bucks to replace it and program it if I wanted the light to go off on my dash.  If they are going to put the tire back on the vehicle they are required by law to make sure it has an operational TPMS BUT if it is just a tire on a rim they can put an ordinary valve stem on it and give it back to me not on the vehicle.  I told him the latter was the route I will go.   He took the tire and returned about 5 minutes later and when I asked him how much, he said nothing, it was part of customer service.  I told him I was not currently a customer of Tire Kingdom and he said he hoped I would be in the future.  I thanked him and off I went back to the laundry to fold the clothes.

After the laundry I took Charlie to a self serve dog wash.  Sue said it had bad reviews, but I figured it couldn't be that bad.  Well I was wrong.  It took 5 bucks just to wet him down with the crappy water pressure, and although it said it was putting soap on, there was no soap and the water was cold.  I got Charlie all lathered up and then it took another 5 bucks for enough water to rinse him off.  I was mad by then.  There was a phone number on the wall to call so I did.  Guess what, answering machine.  I left a long long message with a few explicit instructions on what they might like to do with their dog wash and asked them to call me back to tell me that they had refunded my 10 bucks.  Haven't heard back from them yet and I'm betting I won't.   Oh well it made me feel better.  Don't go to the Oasis Car Wash in St. Cloud FL unless you want to be ripped off.  GRRRRRRR!

When I got home, Sue grabbed her Norwex cloth and cleaned all the windows in the Jeep.  We are off to Tampa tomorrow so it will be good to be able to see.

Here is the view from my window today.  I never promised that the view would be from the Ponderosa window every time, did I??


  1. I bet they keep your money just for having to listen to your tirade on the answering machine. Bad reviews are more important than good ones. The owner/family/friends can dump a lot of good reviews on a site but they won't be posting bad ones. The more bad reviews the more likely they are true. Just a thought.
    However now both the jeep and Charlie are clean, as are the clothes, so over all it was a clean up kind of day. Congrats on getting that all accomplished in ONE trip.

    1. Thanks for recognizing ALL of the work I do around here. lol


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