Monday 21 January 2019

Work day

The company I work for in the summer time back in Canada is growing quickly and because of that there is work for me to do even in the winter months.  Our safety program is young and needs lots of attention, so I am the guy that got nominated to do some of it!!   That was how I spent the entire day today.  This is my desk and I love sitting here because I can see all around me.

Because I worked for most of the day, I don't have anything exciting to report unless you are interested in our company policy on PPE or our Emergency Response Plan.  I did take a minute to catch up on Facebook and saw this on a post.  It is definitely Sue and I.

 This was my view out the window today as I was working.


  1. Working from home, I like it! Give Charley some pats from me.

  2. Charlie isn't spoiled at all. Chuck was just saying the other day how long his bag of carrots has lasted. LOL

  3. Hmmm, if you’re writing your blog, then how many of the Safety Work Practices and Procedures have been completed? And is Charlie’s name in all of them? In any event, your view is better than mine! Hope your work day has been enjoyable:)

  4. Into every life a little work must come. Today was your day. I'm surprised none of your friends came ask if Lorne could come out to play today. Hahaha.

  5. Glad you got your work done before play time. Yes, we know all about PPE and I'm happy you are keeping the little people informed. :)
    For the record, Clemson is not spoiled. I only got 7 points out of 8. Good grief!


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