Saturday 19 January 2019

Beach Day

It was another nice warm Florida day so we decided to go to the beach.  It is about an hour drive to Melbourne Beach which is on the Atlantic side of Florida.  The breeze was blowing but it was still a beautiful day.  We joined Pat and Harold and their kids and granddaughter there.  This was the first time Ava had been to the ocean.  We got all set up to enjoy the afternoon and Ava got right down and dirty in the sand.

This is a very nice stretch of beach and there were quite a few people sitting out today.

It wasn't long and Kaitlyn and Tanner took Ava into the water.  She loved it.  She will be a little fish I'm sure.

The sun was shining bright today so she needed a healthy dollop of sunscreen.  Her fair skin will burn quickly I'm afraid.

There were a few surfers, or wanna be surfers practicing their sport in front of us.  It was interesting to watch them trying to impress the girls. 

I was gonna give them some lessons and show them how to surf but I was stuck in this huge hole!!  Really!!

We had an awesome day and the view out our front window was of the new screen room that P& H just purchased.  It is a pretty sturdy room.


  1. A fun day! I'm sure you could have given some surfing lessons, couch surfing. Haha.
    Have a great day!!!

  2. Hi to Kaitlyn! And I'm sure that screen room comes in handy with all the bugs in Floriduh!

  3. Glad everyone Enjoyed their day at the Beach.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

  4. Looks like a fun day. Your friends granddaughter is a cutie.

  5. What a great day, wish you had shown those guys your surfing skills lol Huggs to you and Sue, from Marco and I.

    1. Hope you guys are well, glad you found the blog, see you in the spring. ❤️❤️

  6. Nice to have a good beach day, looks like fun.


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