Sunday 27 January 2019

In God We Trust

It has been raining most all day here.  Not a heavy rain but just continuous enough it was hard to get outside at all.  We even had the heat on for a while just to keep the humidity in check.  Of course there was no sun either so no solar charging the batteries.  That meant starting the generator for a couple hours.  We have forgotten what that sounds like.

So today was a good day just to sit and work.  It is nice to have lots of uninterrupted time to get things done.

So because I worked all day, there was nothing for the post tonight, so I am going to subject you to a little rambling of mine.

I was looking at some notes in my phone the other day and found this rambling that I had written probably while sitting on a bench in a shopping mall somewhere. I don’t usually write a lot about my beliefs here, but it is my blog and you are free to agree/disagree or just press the X!  Hopefully it just makes you think.

We had the opportunity to attend some car racing at Cocopah speedway outside of Yuma in our travels some time ago. It is a nice little dirt track with cars there from all over.  There was even a Canadian racer there.  I’m going to guess that there were 2000 people in the stands and half as many again in the pits. Before the racing started and before the singing of the national anthem, they paused for a prayer. The prayer was offered up for the protection of all involved in the racing whether drivers, pit crew, or emergency personal. This prayer was to the God that the forefathers of this land believed in and recognized as the God of this nation. The prayer ended in JESUS name as the bible commands us to do. There was no mention of any other religious figure head, not because they would restrict anyone to practice any religion they wish to on their own, but rather because this is the God that this nation chose to recognize as its God. The phrase “In God we Trust” was not made up because it sounded good, but rather because it was a belief of the nation.


I did not witness one single person attempting to question this prayer, nor did I witness a single person disrespecting the prayer, although there were probably some there that do not believe in this God.  

So why is it that the people who attend events such as rodeo’s and car racing are not afraid to stand up and recognize a national tradition regardless of their personal belief, but our schools and big dollar sports events will not. Don’t even start with the redneck comments and if that IS the reason, then I am extremely proud to say I am one.  And as a side note not one single person felt the need to kneel for the national anthem but they did stand at attention with their hand over their heart. Oh yes, and they sang it using the words that have been sung since it’s inception and I will guarantee you that not one single person thought one racial thought because of those words.  

Now I am speaking a bit out of turn here because I am Canadian, but for 6 months of the year I subject myself to the laws and traditions of this great country and do not demand public recognition of my personal beliefs and traditions. I must admit that I was extremely proud of the group of people at that race track the that evening, and their fearless exhibition of patriotism and Godliness. That is what will keep this nation strong. God bless America from your Canadian friends.
Here is what Charlie and I were looking at out our window all day.


  1. You may not have had any excitement today to write about but this was a great post. I have always felt a great deal of pride in the singing of the national anthem. Then we went to Washington DC and saw the actual tattered, battle worn flag that waved over Fort McHenry that fateful night when Francis Scott Key penned his famous poem. Just looking at that flag brought tears to my eyes and now the National Anthem not only fills me with pride but also deep emotions of gratitude and love for all those that fought for our country's freedom and for the freedom to worship and pray in public without fear of persecution.

  2. I was wondering how you guys were making out. We've been watching the weather channel and looks like you might have had a 'bit' of rain. Hope you continue to enjoy central Florida!

  3. Very good post tonight Lorne. I enjoyed it, thanks for sharing.

  4. Great post Lorne, and so well said! And good on those racers at Cocopah for saying a prayer for those involved in the race :-)

  5. Thank you for your opinion. This was a great post. I totally enjoyed it and feel the same way. We are Canadians and have never considered imposing OUR beliefs or traditions on our American neighbour. I love that the race track does that and everyone respected their prayer.

  6. Great post Lorne, couldn't agree more. Unfortunately it is happening at home also. Hope the sun is shining for you today. Take care, miss seeing you guys this year, hopefully next year we will wake up one morning, look out the window and see you camped at our door step.

  7. Well said, unfortunately there are people in this country trying to eliminate not only God out our land but a lot of history they feel offends them. I know there are still people like what you experienced in Cocopah that stand up and are proud to say this is who we are. We are a country of immigrants and diversity but unlike our Canadian Friends who visit there are a lot of people who want to change who we are instead trying to become part of this country. Yes, it is important to keep your own traditions, religion, history and be proud of it but it is also important to respect and learn about where you choose to live or visit. (Just a mini version of my views on the subject.) Anyway, thank you for the reminder that there is always pockets of hope.

  8. Great Post and something that should be said back home as well because it is becoming forgotten with too much Political Correctness. You come to live in this great land, don't try to make it like the country you left behind because of the mess it was in. Welcome to our civilized world.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  9. A wonderful post. Thank you very much for a very good message. And may God keep you safe in your travels.
    Don in Okla.

  10. That is one thing about dirt racing and Nascar, it always makes me proud to see the people with their hat off and hand over their heart when the National Anthem is sung. It is a amazing sight.


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