Tuesday 8 January 2019

Movie Night in Florida

Another really beautiful day here in Three Lakes.  We loaded up our garbage and took it to the waste disposal in Kenansville.  Then off to the Post Office and Hardware store to pick up lots of parcels for everyone in camp.  Laurence got a shipment of 6 Lithium batteries and her new Victron controller for the 12 solar panels she picked up yesterday.  She is excited to get this solar array all up and running.

6 Lithium Batteries in there

Victron state of the art inverter

12-200 watt solar panels
Pat got a shipment from somewhere with some stuff she ordered I a great big box.  Inside that box was a medium size box and inside that was what she ordered in a little wee box.  There is sure a lot of packaging waste in this world now.

Brian is doing some solar work for some friends and they are getting all new batteries for their rig.    They had a couple Trojan 6v batteries that they bought a year or so ago and they didn't want to mix old and new batteries.  Smart move on their part.  They were looking to get rid of them so I bought them to go with my 4 old batteries.  That will give me a chance to try having 6 batteries which may solve our power management issues at night.  Right now we have to be careful to have enough power left after watching TV to run a fan in the bedroom all night.  We hope two more batteries will solve this problem.  We certainly have enough solar to charge them most days.  Our 4 batteries are 5 years old so we know we will need new ones soon and hope to buy 6 new ones at that time.

Tonight was outdoor movie night.  Sue and Pat set everything up and I hung up a white tarp from our awning.  The chairs were set around and the fun began at dark.

As a pre movie show the girls chose an episode of Mrs. Browns Boys.  It is fairly crude entertainment but really funny.   

And for the main event we chose "RV" which stars Robin Williams as Bob!!  It is a funny show with a little bit of a story line to it, and I think everyone enjoyed it.  We are pushovers for RV shows anyway.

So needless to say the view out our window was like looking into a movie theater:


  1. I can't figure what people do with all of that power. I just don't get it. I know, it means you don't have to make an effort to conserve, but why wouldn't you want to conserve? Each to their own, I suppose. By the way, our four Trojan T-105's will be nine years old this coming March and still seem to be as good as they were on day one.


  2. Congrats on being such a nice couple and picking up all those packages for everyone. Very kind of you.
    I'm sure every one enjoyed the movies and it looks like everyone had great seats.
    If the batteries are only a year old I wouldn't be in too a big hurry to replace them. I know everyone says you should replace them all at once. Folks say that about tires too but if you have a blow out or a flat that requires you to replace ONE tire then do you replace the other 3? If you get ONE bad battery would you replace all of them? Just a thought.
    You folks should just travel with Laurence as she will enough juice for everyone all the time. LOL

  3. So sorry we missed movie night... next time!

  4. Most times Old Batteries will let the Newer Batteries do all the work causing them to go before the Old Ones. But once you are home take them to a place the Refurbishes Batteries and they will all Live Happily Ever After.
    That's a lot of Power your friend Laurence is installing.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your next Movie Night.

    It's about time.


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