Thursday 10 January 2019

Who's having a Birthday??

Today was a trip to Kissimmee to get some stuff.  We had to pick up some things at the Amazon locker.  Amazon shipments are like having Christmas all over.  Today I lucked out and ended up with a pair of sandals.

We also headed out to Camping World and you can spend a whole day there checking things out.  We escaped with only a few goodies one of them being a bread burning device.  We used to have one and gave it away, and now that we have it again, we remember why we did.

We took Charlie to the vet today to check his thyroid levels.  It is something we have to do every 3 months or so to get his medications.  They had to take blood so his paw was sore for the rest of the day.   He was holding it up for a while.  We also noticed that his ankle is bending more every day.  Poor guy's arthritis is really doing a number on him.

We did a little bit of grocery shopping and made the mistake of leaving Charlie by himself in the jeep for about 1 minute too long.  It seems he likes romaine lettuce.  Is that a guilty face or what??

After we scolded him guess what Sue let him do??  Yup she let him eat the lettuce that was spread on the seat.

The big occasion of the day was Pats birthday.  Pat is Harold's wife.  (sorry couldn't resist)!!  Today she turns 29 again today and we thought we should celebrate.  We picked up a cake and some decorations and celebrated in style.  Here were some pictures taken at the joyous event.

Once again out view was of a bonfire tonight as we celebrated.


  1. Happy Birthday Patricia.
    Charlie is adorable. So cute. It's amazing what kinds of foods dogs will eat. My daughter's dog loves carrots and lettuce.
    What a great time you all are having!!!!

  2. Well what else where you going to do with the lettuce? And poor Charlie already had a sore paw and arthritis, he deserved the lettuce :-) Happy birthday wishes to Pat.

  3. That lettuce was just calling his name! He did leave some for you... he’s considerate like that 🐾

  4. Oh Charlie, just couldn't resist the groceries. Might as well let him finish it, you weren't going to eat the lettuce off the seat anyway. LOL Glad you all celebrated Pat's birthday.

  5. Thanks for posting pictures from Mom’s birthday!!

  6. Thanks for posting pictures from Mom’s birthday!!


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